DeFiXy Protocol
The future of Decentralization
Building an Amazon-like Marketplace for Crypto-Assets

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Commited stakers earn up to 45% in
staking rewards

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Circulating Supply: 4000025.02 DFX

Price: $0.50

Total Staked: 4193 DFX

Rewards Claimed: 25.02 DFX

Contract: 0xc5e095f55AbBFf29960C6CD4D11954F31607C883

DeFiXy Protocol
A Bridge between Fiat-driven Economies and the Crypto Space

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Dynamic Staking

Our staking provision employs a Proof of Committment (PoC) consensus, committed stakers enjoy great staking rewards. Future integration of staking solutions for competitive blockchain projects. DFX Staking Live

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DeFi Services

A user-friendly DeFi outlet. Users can lend their assets & enjoy unparalleled ROIs. User can access Collateralized loans, lower rates depending on asset blend ratio.

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P2P Marketplace

A decentralized P2P Amazon-like Marketplace. User can not only trade/barter assets, they can setup mini marketplace (kiosk) & provide their own custom products. Mini kiosks with great nominal collateral can manage assets for inexperience users.

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  • April - June 2020

    Market Research and Analysis

  • May - July 2020

    Concept and Technology Design

  • May - Aug 2020

    Implementation of

  • July - Sept 2020

    Testing and Launch of

  • Sept - Dec 2020

    Expansion, Marketing & Exchange listing

  • Oct - Q1 2020

    Platform Upgrade

  • May - Dec 2020

    Development of β-Stake Mechanism

  • Oct - Dec 2020

    Implementation and Integration of DeFi

  • Nov - Q1 2021

    Testing and Launch of DeFi

  • Q1 - Q3 2021

    Implementation and Integration of P2P Market

  • Q1 - Q3 2021

    Integration of Fiat Gateway

  • Q2 - Q4 2021

    Testing and Launch of P2P Market

  • Q4 2021

    Further Development, Integration of Direct payment system

Frequently Asked Questions

  • DeFiXy protocol is an Amazon-like decentralized marketplace for Crypto-Asset and other decentralized products. The main features that are offered include a p2p marketplace where users can not only trade/barter crypto-assets but they can also build their own mini-kiosks and offer custom services. Secondly, DeFi services, where lenders can enjoy great ROIs on their assets and borrowers enjoy as low as zero interest rates on collateralized loans. Interest rates on loan depend on factors like asset blend ratio and lockup thresholds and are computed optimally such that users enjoy the best rates.

  • As the mission here is to bridge the gap between fiat-economies and the crypto space and to also bank the unbanked, DeFiXy protocols offer easy to use solutions both in trading crypto products and in DeFi. Our dual-layer marketplace allows inexperience users to trade crypto without the complexity involved and our dynamic staking algorithm allows lenders enjoy unparalleled ROIs and borrowers enjoy as low as zero interest rates on loans.

  • Our alpha-staking program is designed for the benefit of our early investors. Those who decides to stake their tokens can enjoy up to a yearly rewards rate of 45%. Stakers can claim and unstake anytime, there is no minimum or maximum amount that can be staked and the minimum amount that can be claimed is 0.5 DFX.

  • To learn more about out technology, please read our whitepaper, it can be found in the “about us” section.

  • If you are in need of any support or you have inquiries, you can reach out to the team via email at You can also get in touch with us via our social media pages.

Token Sale Information

  • Token Sale Period: 9th - 30th Nov. 2020

  • Token Price: Approx. $0.50

  • Sales Allocation: 4000025.02 DFX

  • Contract: 0xc5e095f55AbBFf29960C6CD4D11954F31607C883





Circulating Supply

4000025.02 DFX

Staking Rewards Rate

15% to 45%

Total Amount Staked

4193 DFX

Rewards Claimed

25.02 DFX